Friday, January 15, 2010


Ok, this one is for the guys. Ladies, feel free to read on if you dare.

Let's say you meet a beautiful, funny and affectionate woman through friends one night. You hit it off and have an absolute blast. You exchange numbers and talk for hours the next day. You realize how close you have come to meeting several times and both wish you had met years ago. Her friends rave about how amazing she is and you agree. Your mutual friends even mention that she thinks that you are 'cute', 'nice' and cool'. You join her and her friends out several times. She is affectionate towards you around others and you always laugh and have fun. You enjoy emailing and texting during the first couple of weeks. Then you meet her one on one during the day to show her you are interested in getting to know her. She seems distant and uninterested. Also, she doesn't seem to remember things you have discussed and potential plans you have made. She cuts your hang time short citing that she must get her laundry right away before she puts it off. Finally, a hurried impersonal goodbye leaves you standing in wondering what happened.

We are guys, so it could have been something we said, did or didn't say or do. More than likely we just weren't prepared for which type of woman we were dealing with. Like a good comedian, know your audience. So here is some information to keep you from feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under you.

In my opinion, there are three main types of women. Ladies I am not saying that every woman fits in one of these broad categories but these are the ones that instantly came to mind.

You Wish: I could have him if I wanted to. The ones that need the attention by having men fall all over her so she feels superior. There is nothing like having your pick of the flock. Control is power.

It starts with physical appearance. When a women is beautiful all of her life she gets special treatment everywhere she goes. She does not have to prove her self in any way. She really doesn't even need to develop any part of her personality. Why would she need to when she does nothing and gets everything she wants? She is bored with men because she is always the center of attention. She turns heads when she walks in rooms. She has heard every line, every compliment, every story and every joke. Don’t let her fool you, she loves the attention and without it she would be lost. She usually dates men that are the typical cliché of tall, dark and handsome. She is most attracted to men of power that have money to impress. She enjoys the carefree life of always being at the cool new place to be seen, hanging out with her attractive friends, never having to buy drinks and never having to be alone. She is the woman women and men love to hate. 'Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.' Her biological gift is used to its fullest and much of depth in life is overlooked by her. She was born into privilege. She was the head cheerleader and prom queen. She expects you to fulfill her every desire, since cost is no option. You can't blame her for the way she is since she has knows no other way. She is the face of everything that sells. She can always be attracted to the next big thing. She is your fantasy.

Misunderstood: She can't understand why men always pursue her when she has given them no reason to think she is interested in them. She explains how she has such a big heart and just loves everyone. She digs you but not like 'that'.

She is the unknowingly unattainable. She is so cool, sweet, fun and attractive that you think you have an opportunity to date an amazing woman. You were stunned and happily surprised to meet such a woman. No matter how downplayed whatever you heard about her was, nothing compares to how blown away you where when you meet her. She is always positive, affectionate and entertaining. She always gives you attention and is appreciative of compliments. She is always dressed well and always looks beautiful; she has no bad hair days. You make her feel safe and comfortable. She is the one that other men see you with and wonder what you possibly have that they don't. At first women are threatened by her but everyone loves her, men and women alike. She is harmless and very loveable. She is surrounded by other beautiful people but you know she has more depth then half of them. She could easily be shallow but thinks more of herself than to cheat herself like that. She likes to look and feel beautiful but does not use her looks in a malicious or self-centered manner. Unfortunately, she is only interested in a specific type of man. You might never even know what type of man that is. She never calls you by your name but instead uses substitute words like 'dude', 'buddy' and 'man'. She talks of plans but she is always too busy to follow through and you can never find any reason to be upset with her when she doesn't. She is the type of woman you would do anything for then later realize you compromised too much of yourself to please her. When you 'hang out' she never allows you to pay for anything since that would make it a 'date'. She is too good to be true. She could be everything you want if she just let you in. You don't have to have the winning hand but you must be close. She is your 'if only'.

Aloof: 'Seriously, he likes me?' This is rarest type of women. She has no idea how amazing she is. She is always shocked that men are interested in her. She is intrigued by the fact that men are so drawn to her.

She is most often overlooked for more outgoing and typically beautiful women. She is smart, witty, independent, grounded, goal oriented and beautiful in a classic timeless way. She always looks pretty without even trying. She can easily leave the house in jeans, t-shirt and a ball cap. When she does dress up she is stunning because she downplays her looks. She is well rounded and will try almost anything for the experience. She is the type of women that others look up to although they usually won't admit it. She is comfortable with herself and can be anywhere with anyone and have a good time. She is a woman that will always develop and grow mentally and emotionally. To her life is a challenge and well worth it because nothing good comes easily. She doesn't look down on others because she understands why people are the way they are. She defends those that others refuse to take the time to understand. She impresses mom and dad and your friends tell you she is the best things that could ever happen to you. She will accept you for who you are. She is the 'one that got away'.

One you must be of her stock or you have no chance. If you are not, you can never truly understand the world she lives in. Two represents that it could happen to you. If you are lucky you might just hit the jackpot. Three is the woman of the real world. She is for you but you have to prove yourself worthy.

So what type of woman fits you? Ladies, it is not all your fault but please communicate with us so we don't allow ourselves to feel duped. Be honest with us, we will get over it. If we can't take it then it is our problem not yours.

by Trey Mitchell

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