Friday, January 15, 2010

Learn And Live

There was a man that had many short relationships.
He had been hurt and he had the scars to remind him.
So he always wanted to have fun. That is until things turned
serious. To him serious meant no fun. So he started to
develop a technique where he said up front that the
relationship would go nowhere. He subconsciously
picked women he would have no future with. Then he
consciously made it clear that he was not willing to give
beyond a specific point. So he continued to have fun and always
had his on the rip cord for a quick and safe exit. He did so
until he became too old to fit in and they too young to
impress him. He became 'that guy' in the bar. So he was alone.

There was a couple together for nine years. After the first
two years they became unhappy. They were either too scared
to end it due to not wanting to hurt the other person
or were just too scared to be alone…or maybe both.
The last 5 or 6 yrs they simply cohabitated. They fought
a lot. They began to walk on egg shells as
to not rock the boat. They got in the habit of going out
more and getting drunk so they had a life outside
of the house. They just masked the situation
by acting happy and festive in public. At least while
they were around others they did not fight. But after being
numb for so long they called it quits. So they were alone.

Maybe the single guy never gave anyone a chance and never tried.
Maybe the couple should have admitted they saw the red flags.

Until we have been there how can we judge?

If we did what the clique suggests, we would be walking forever in others shoes.

by Trey Mitchell

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