Tuesday, May 18, 2010


While I was home for my mother's birthday we watched What Women Want , a romantic comedy starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. I know I am behind on my watching of chick flicks. In this particular case I am about ten years behind. It is not that I dislike films that seem to cater more towards woman than men; it is more that I do not seek out this kind of film. It is not like when football season is over I spend those free nights at Blockbuster or loading up my Netflix queue debating whether or not I am more in the mood for The Notebook or Pretty Woman . I am not opposed to them; I watch them when I have a girlfriend. It is purely situational. Actually I usually find something I like about them.

"He has the power to hear everything women are thinking. Finally... a man is listening." - IMDB.com

I began to ponder on this ridiculous idea and wondered if things would be better or worse if this was in any way a realistic achievement. If suddenly men listened and understood women, would it not throw off the balance of relationships everywhere? Wouldn't it be like removing insects and throwing the entire ecosystem into a tailspin? Maybe it would also be like removing politicians from government. In all of these scenarios I predict complete chaos.

So let us think for a minute about the other side of the coin. Maybe this would be a good thing and 'efficiency' would become common in relationships. Maybe the next time a group of guys gathered over cards and beer they would say things like, "Well, she isn't the most attractive woman I have been with, but we have an efficient relationship." And possibly an adequate response would be, "Damn, I wish Kim and I could be like that. It takes forever to get anything done when we are together."

Isn't the best part of meeting someone getting to know him or her? If you heard every thought they had, would you still ask questions or even be interested at all? I would find it interesting at first then I would be bored to tears as if watching the weather channel on repeat. In the movie, Mel's character doesn't have the power to use the "gift' when he wants to or not. If I had no control, I would lose my mind. I would be constantly infiltrated by the thoughts of those around me. It would force me to be a recluse.

I think the 'gift' actually exists in all of us and is earned by taking the time to listen to those close to you. If you connect with someone mentally then you have the ability to connect with them on any emotional, spiritual and sexual level.

The stereotype that men don’t understand women and that they are detached emotionally, is just that - a general and vague assessment of men as a whole. No matter what kind of man you are, you have the ability to understand women if you choose to. You do not have to be a mind reader to know what she is thinking or feeling. Watch, listen and learn - and you too can know what women want.

by Trey Mitchell

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