Friday, August 12, 2011


There are people of all ages seem to incite mayhem. Some do it on purpose and others unintentionally. For others, life without it would be boring. No matter if you're in high school or in your 60's or whether you live in Laguna Beach or at Melrose Place, in real life the drama must go!

Don’t be stupid

I know it is hard to imagine but don't assume anything. Hearsay is gossip. Do you remember the exercise from grade school that demonstrated miscommunication? You started on one side of the room with a simple phrase and each person had to repeat it to the next and in the end it was nothing like it began. He-said she-said equals nothing without facts. Go straight to the source before you get upset that you heard that your ex cheated on you with your sister's ex while they were away on vacation and happened to run into each other while drunk at an amusement park, singing Barry Manilow songs to some pigeons. Think before you act.

Reaction distraction

This just perpetuates the non-existent issue at hand. When you react without thinking things through, emotions run the brain. Logical thinking is not emotional thinking. Suddenly you are wrapped up in the momentum of the drama because you did not stop and think when you had the chance. Guess what -knows-where and past any point of return. Why jump off the bridge before looking to see what you are jumping into or walk blindfolded into traffic? Just blame the messenger nothing at this point is your fault.

Act like an adult

There is a logical reason for everything if you choose to take the time to let the fog clear. Treat people the way you want to be treated. You get back the energy and attitude you put out there. Maturity does not just mean working and taking care of bills, it also means respecting yourself as well as others.

Mind over matter

Some things are easier said than done. The heart and the mind often conflict one another. The heart may heal but the mind does not always forget. Sometimes the hardest things and the right things are the same. The immediate pain is easier to deal with than long term pain. Sometimes letting go of a feeling is freeing. So what if Julie called you a bitch. Anger usually comes from hurt. You can't control other's actions but you can control your reaction to them. Take the high road and enjoy the view. It is always better than looking from the bottom up.

As you were

Life goes on. The majority of drama occurs over things that really don't make much of a difference in the long run. What may seem like a monumental issue at the time later seems just silly. The longer you live and the more you experience the less the trivial things matter. Your first heartbreak usually makes you feel like dying and the end of the world. However, the more you date, love and lose, the more you realize that what is next is more important than what was.

Sometimes I like a good drama or even dramedy on the silver screen. It can be attractive and glamorous from afar but in real life it is just a waste of time and energy.

By Trey Mitchell

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